Episode 11 – Act As If It Has Already Been Achieved



Hello and welcome to the show.  Today I’m going to be talking about Acting as if.  We are going to delve a little deeper into it this time. I touched on it in the first episode about taking 100% responsibility for your life.  It’s one of the great strategies for success to act as if you are already where you want to be.

So if you think like, talk like, dress like, acting like and importantly feel like the person who has already achieved your goal.  By doing this, it sends a powerful signal or command to your subconscious mind to go out there and find those creative ways to deliver your goal to you.  It will send messages to the universe, detailing the end goal and that it is something that you really want.

An example of this is what I call the “Millionaire Cocktail Party.”

At the completion of my success seminars, we all get together for cocktails and an hour-long role-playing exercise.  We all socialise and mingle, however they must act as if they have already had everything they want in their life, the house they have always wanted, the car they have always wanted, the career, all the goals that are important to them.

It’s lovely to watch as everyone comes alive and more animated and outgoing.  It’s also interesting that everyone that seemed shy previously is now quite confident in their demeanour and are quite assertive in introducing themselves as they mingle.  The energy in the room just increases and you can feel the positive vibes from everyone as they tell their story and explaining in detail what they are doing now, as it is now 5 years in the future and their dreams have been realised.

So the instructions are that you must dress the part, be that person in the future that you have become.  You can even bring props.  If you want to be a best-selling author, bring a book with your photo on the cover, you can make a mock cover of a famous publication, such as Time Magazine, and place yourself on the cover showing that you are the expert in your field.

People have brought a red carpet to walk on, they have even carried awards in with them. You could walk in with an Oscar, an Emmy or a Logie Award.  They’ve rented limousines, a tour bus, someone has hired a video guy to follow her around interviewing people carrying a mock microphone.


Act As


I recently attended one of Jack Canfield’s week-long Seminars aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas Cruise Ship. The Millionaire Cocktail evening went for an hour but it was so powerful acting as if I had already achieved my goal of being the number one motivational speaker in Australia and that I had written three books., and I travel the world for speaking engagements. People were inviting me to other countries to speak, they were asking me how I did it, I was telling them how much I earn now, the cars I drive, the houses I own around the world.

If you want to be a motivational speaker you would come along with a microphone, if you want to be a successful businessman on the stock exchange you come along with your mobile phone and pretend to be answering the phone all the time buying and selling shares. You might want to retire as a beach bum and show up as one with your surfboard.  Whatever it is that you want, show up as that person, but you must maintain that personality the whole time and stay in character.

Your acting as if shifted your experience and shifted your consciousness, and you up-level your energy, people feel more confident and playful doing this exercise.

This event actually floods the subconscious with powerful images of already having achieved our aspirations.  We have fun and enjoy ourselves all the while believing that we are successful people.  These bright and technicolour images, infused with those positive emotions that were generated by the events of the evening, provided more energy to the positive neural pathways in their brains and for some, it forged and in others, it deepened the new self-images of being super-successful.

You can throw your own come as you’ll be a party for your friends, your company, business associates your colleagues, or even your mastermind group if you have one.  Many companies already have this activity as part of their in-house trainings, seminars, or sales meetings.  Think about building it into yours.

It’s the most powerful exercise for creating the experience of having a vibrational match for your completed goals that you can use.

Now, remember, props are not needed if you don’t want to go to these lengths. I’ve conducted a “Come as you’ll be Party” in the middle of a one day workshop, that only last around ten minutes, so affirmations, the millionaire cocktail party and the come as you’ll be party are great events or exercises that can be done to get you to feel the feelings you would feel when your goals and dreams finally become a reality.

There’s a great story about Fred Couples and Jim Nantz, who since they were very young just loved Golf and had some really big dreams.  Fred had his sight set on winning the Masters Tournament whereas Jim always wanted to be a sports announcer for CBS.  They both went to the University of Houston where they used to play-act a scene where the winner of the Masters is escorted into Butler Cabin where he is given the famous Green Jacket and is then interviewed by a CBS announcer.  Well, fourteen years later, guess what happened, the scene they had rehearsed at Uni over and over, had come to life, it had become their reality and the whole world was watching.  Fred won the Masters, he was escorted to Butler Cabin, provided his Green Jacket and was interviewed by none other than Jim who was now a CBS sports announcer.  How amazing is that?  The cameras stopped rolling and the two men embraced each other with tears in their eyes, their dream had come to fruition.  They always knew that Fred would win and Jim would be the one to interview him for CBS.

Now THAT is the power of acting as if.   It provides that unwavering certainty.

So, get out there and start acting like the person you want to become and that outer experience of acing as if, will crate the inner experience – the millionaire mindset as it were that will take you on a journey to the actual manifestation of that experience.

How would you act if you were already a straight-A student, the top sales-person in your field, a highly paid consultant, a rich entrepreneur, an Olympic athlete, a best-selling author, internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, a sought after speaker, an actor or musician? 

Once you have a clear picture of how you would talk, act, carry yourself, how you would dress, treat other people, handle money, eat, live, travel and so forth.

Start being it now.

Think about it, it doesn’t cost money, you just need to have a clear intention.  Once you start doing this you will draw things to you like a magnet, things that you need to get you to where you want to be.

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I’ll leave you with a quote from the great Maya Angelou who once said:

“If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.”

That’s it from me for another week, thank you so much for listening I really appreciate the time you have spent with me today.

Have a wonderful and successful week!


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