Your road to success episode one

In the first episode in the series, Grace discusses taking 100% responsibility for your life and your results.
Everything she teaches from now on is based on this principle.

She explains the formula she has used to achieve the success she has achieved so far.

Take note because she will take you out of your victim consciousness and out of blaming and complaining to finally creating the life you have always dreamed about.


Your road to success episode two

Why were you put on this earth? What is your Life Purpose?

Grace guides you through ways to uncover and clarifying your life purpose.

Successful people identify, acknowledge and honour their purpose, then they pursue it, by injecting passion and enthusiasm in every activity they undertake.  This brings an element of fun and fulfilment to everything they do. 

Grace wants to help you uncover yours too, so that you can now pursue doing what you love from now on and have fun doing it!


Your road to success podcast

Now that you have discovered your life purpose, its now time to decide what you really want!

Grace takes you on a journey to “Dream Big” because it doesn’t take any more energy to dream a big dream than it does to dream a small dream!

It’s time to put your order in to The Universe and have a great time doing it!  She gets to that place inside you that has been hidden because of your childhood programming, the thing that tells you that “you can’t have that” or “you cant do that.”

Wouldn’t it be great to make your vision a reality?


Believe it's possible

Our minds are powerful machines! The thoughts we produce can translate into action, and that is how we truly achieve GREATNESS.

However, if we are filling our minds with negative comments about ourselves and our circumstances, we are creating boundaries that we otherwise would not need to overcome. (Think of your mind as a computer. You must program it efficiently for it to run smoothly and complete its task. Your mind is the same way!)

Instead, focusing on positive thoughts and building confidence in yourself provides the framework to help you take control of your mind so that nothing can hold you back.

This self-confidence is a crucial component of making decisions, accepting responsibility, and taking that first step out of your comfort zone. With small efforts every day, you can begin to improve how you view yourself as the unique and gifted individual you are!

Join me to see how you can transform your life by replacing your limiting beliefs with unlimited possibilities.

During this experience, you will learn practical tools to strengthen your self-confidence by dismantling negative self-talk and learning how to take control of the space between your ears and begin to BELIEVE you are capable of achieving greatness!


the law of attraction

In this episode I discuss all the behaviours required for harnessing its power in this and future episodes, such as repeating affirmations and creating a vision board.

Now that the Secret and the law of attraction is now so much part of our culture, I want to take you through what it actually is and how it works and most importantly how you can use it and reshape how you want to create the results you are seeking.

In it’s most basic form what the Law of Attraction states is this:

“What you think about, what you talk about, what you feel strongly about, and have an intense feeling about, you will bring about.”

Things will naturally gravitate towards you because of these feelings.  Some of the greatest minds and spiritual leaders in history were saying phrases back then, that people didn’t realise the context of what they were saying. 



This episode discusses the importance and effectiveness of three essential actions, writing your goals down, making a public declaration of your goals and being accountable to another person.  These could be in the form of an accountability partner, a coach, or even a mastermind group.

I discuss a study that was completed which came to the conclusion that the percentage of people that write down their goals and review them regularly earn 9 times more over the course of their lifetimes, than those who don’t set them, I mean this study alone should motivate you to write them down.


break down your goals

Setting big goals can become a little overwhelming.  We need to reduce them to smaller steps or tasks.  So to reduce those overwhelming feelings you need to reduce your goals into chunks, smaller tasks, and steps to achieve them. 

I go into several ways that you can work out the action steps that need to be taken to accomplish your particular goal.  One way might be to contact people that have already achieved what you want to do and ask them what steps they took to get there.  Another way might be to buy a book or a manual or maybe an online course that will assist with the process.

There is a valuable technique called Mind Mapping which I use and it is so powerful because you are getting all that information out of your head and into a written map on a page. And if you are anything like me, you like the visual because you can see everything all laid out in front of you so clearly.  

I guide you through the right steps to take to ensure every action has been completed.


look out for the clues

 “Who has already done what you want to do?”  

One of the things about living in this wonderful world of opportunity and abundance is that everything you want to do has already been done by somebody else.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s running a marathon, becoming financially independent, someone has already done it before you and has left CLUES. 

The clues they left could be in the form of programs, seminars, audiobooks, videos, and workshops.

I go through the ways that you can find those clues, that you might not normally notice.

For virtually anything that you want to accomplish, there are literally mountains of information for you out there to get to where you want to be!


get out of your comfort zone

Have you ever been driving your car and suddenly realise you have been driving with the brakes on?  

What action did you take?

Did you push down on the accelerator to overcome the drag?  No of course not, you just released the brakes and with no extra effort whatsoever you increased to the speed you wanted.

Many people go through life with their psychological hand brake on for want of a better metaphor, holding on to negative images of themselves.

I will be taking you through the actions to take to get out of your comfort zone and realising it wasn’t so hard after all!

You will get of your comfort zone, remove those limiting beliefs, or the guilt you are harbouring or the self-doubt.  Not only that I will be uncovering those negative images and programming that is setting you back. 



visualise your future


 Albert Einstein said “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

In this episode I discuss visualisation and how so powerful it is. It’s a great tool for you to use and the great news is, that everyone has the ability to do it.

We all do it daily.

You would be surprised how many times a day you will visualise. 

It’s the act of creating vivid pictures and images in your mind which totally accelerate your achievement to success.  It does this in three powerful ways.


Act As If It Has Already Been Achieved

In this episode I delve a little deeper into “Acting As If.”

I touched on it in the first episode and it’s one of the most powerful strategies for success to act as if you have already achieved your dreams.

So if you think like, talk like, dress like, acting like and importantly feel like the person who has already achieved your goal. 

By doing this, it sends a powerful signal or command to your subconscious mind to go out there and find those creative ways to deliver your goal to you. 

It will send messages to the universe, detailing the end goal and that it is something that you truly desire.


take action now

In previous episodes we looked at taking 100 percent responsibility, finding your purpose, creating your vision, setting your goals, creating your affirmations and visualisations for each of your goals.

NOW, it’s time to TAKE ACTION!

The one thing that separates winners from losers, winners from people who don’t get what they want, is that the winners are actioned oriented. 

 I discuss how taking action is so important in getting to where you want to be, as well as some uplifting stories to motivate you to take that first step in many steps towards your goal.


Take The First Step

There’s a famous Chinese proverb that states: “A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step”

I discuss the method of “leaning into it”.  Sometimes success happens but people just leaning in to see if it is what I want to do and if it feels right.  How being willing to be open to opportunities and do what needs to be done to pursue it further without any expectation.  Just start.  Be willing to take the first step without seeing the whole path. 

By leaning into it, it requires you to start exploring to enter those unknown waters trusting that the port will appear.



I go into experiencing your fear but taking action anyway.  As you go along in your life journey, you are going to have to at some time, confront your fears.    

Successful people take that fear, experience it and take it on board.  They don’t let it stop them from moving forward and planning the action steps towards what they want to achieve. 

If your fear is that strong that it is paralysing or immobilising you, there are steps that you can take to break down the tasks.

I discuss methods in overcoming your fear and how taking certain steps can take you in a whole different direction.

Fear needs to be acknowledged, experienced and taken along for the ride.


be willing to put in the work

Best- Selling Author, Stephen King who has over 50 books in print, many of which have been made into movies, such as Carrie, Cujo, and The Green Mile who once said:

“Talent is cheaper than table salt.  What separates the talented individual from the successful one, is a lot of hard work.”

If you do your research, you will find that in every great achievement is a story of perseverance, courage, hard work, education, discipline, practice, and sacrifice.  You have to be willing to put in the work and be willing to pay the price.   

While many things are required to reach a successful outcome,  the WILLINGNESS to do what is required adds that little extra dimension to the mix that assists you to persevere in the face of overwhelming challenges and setbacks that will appear.


how to ask for what you want

In this episode, I talk about the skill of asking for what you want.

Now if you have this skill and have no qualms about asking for what you want, to whoever you want, whenever you want, well let’s just say you can hop, skip and jump right over this episode because this one is all about asking.


After you have taken the step of taking action,

the next part of the formula and a very important step is “ASKING”.  

The history of the world is cram-packed full of examples of rags to riches stories of people that have just asked and asked and asked for what they wanted and have acquired amazing successes because of it.

Yet astoundingly, asking is still a major challenge to most people even though it is one of the most important principles in my step by step process to getting what you want.  Think of it this way, you can be just a step away from achieving that goal.  

By not asking, you are depriving yourself of the information, the assistance, the support, the money and time that you need to fulfill your vision and make your dreams come true.



rejection is a myth

 If you’re someone who really wants to be successful in all areas of your life you are going to have to learn how to deal with rejection.  It’s like they say, there are two things in life that are certain, death and taxes.  

To move past rejection, you have to realise that rejection is actually a myth.  It does not exist!   It’s a concept you hold in your head. 

 Think about it, if you ask Dayna out for dinner and she says no, you didn’t have anyone to have dinner with before you asked her, and you don’t have anyone to have dinner with after you asked her.  Your situation didn’t get any worse, it just stayed the same!

If someone says no, ask someone else.  Just say “NEXT”.  Remember there are around 5.5 billion people on this planet!  There is someone, somewhere that at some time will say yes to you.  Don’t get stuck in your fear of resentment.

Move on to the next person because someone is out there, ready to say yes, it’s just a numbers game.

I take you through the steps to take to overcome your fear of rejection and sharing some great stories of successful people who overcame rejection.


How Feedback Is Valuable

Once you begin to take action and asking for what you want, you will begin receiving feedback about whether you are making the right moves and decisions as you progress to your goal. 

If you look at the sequence of my episodes, they are deliberately in a specific order. 

It’s like knowing a combination to a lock, you might have all the numbers but if you don’t have them in the right order, what happens? It won’t open. 

So, as you work towards your goal, you’ll start to get suggestions, some data, even maybe some criticism, but that’s ok because it will help you go in a different direction and do some adjustments along the way which in turn will enhance your knowledge and abilities.


commit to constantly improve

The world is constantly at an accelerated rate of change.  To succeed we need to keep up with all the new technologies and concepts put before us.  Updated technologies and manufacturing techniques are being announced way more often than they used to be, so it’s more important than ever to keep up with change and make the appropriate improvements necessary to succeed.  More words get added to the dictionary when new trends and fads catch on.

Improvement is necessary now simply to survive.  But to thrive as successful people do, you are required to have a more dedicated approach to improvement.

When you have made the decision to change your behaviour, learn or improve your skills, have a better family life, excelling in your business, the best way to begin is the start with small manageable steps because it will give you the best chance of long-term success.

Grace uncovers tips and tricks to constantly improve to ensure success in whatever you do.


consistently renew to improve

Do you remember when you were young, and your parents marked your height on the door frame every couple of months to keep track of how fast you were growing?  It was a visual to let you know where you stood in relation to the past and to your future goal of being as tall as your parents.  Every time you stood under that ruler you knew you were making progress.  It was encouraging you to eat and drink your milk to keep growing.

The same goes for successful people and successful businesses, they use the same kind of measurements.  They are keeping a score of great progress, a financial increase, and positive behaviours, all the things that they want more of.

Grace gives you some tips on ensuring success is achieved by constantly renewing to improve.

So set that intention now, whether it be business or personal, decide now where you need to keep score in order to manifest your vision and achieve those goals you’ve always wanted to achieve.  Then, post those goals where you and any others who are involved in the project can easily view them.


Never Give Up!

In this episode, Grace talks about exercising persistence.  It’s probably the most common attribute of high achievers.  They just will not give up. 

History has shown that the longer that you hang in there, the more likely and the greater chance that something will happen in your favour.  You may not see it at the start, but the longer you persist the more like you are to achieve the success you want.

There are sometimes going to be obstacles and you will need to persist in the face of them.  There may even be unforeseen obstacles, that no amount of contingency planning or forethought could have predicted.  Not only that, but the universe will also often test your commitment to the goal that you’re pursuing.

Moving forward may be hard, but you must refuse to give up while you learn new lessons, improve your self-development and this will all be while you’re making difficult decisions.

Grace gives you tips on what to do when those obstacles are placed in front of you and that you have it in you to succeed.  Never give up!


The Rule Of 5

Following on from previous episodes when Grace discussed deciding what your breakthrough goal is, she now adds to that, by exercising

“The Rule of 5.”

Pablo Picasso said, “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”  This one is simple.  The only way to learn is to do. Trying new things lights a fire inside you.  All these things help you learn and grow.”

In other words, you don’t know how to do them when you start, in the process of doing it, you learn how to do it.  You learn how to play the piano by taking lessons and practicing playing the piano.

So it’s time to practice the rule of 5.  The rule of 5 says this;

“Do 5 things every day that will lead to the achievement of your breakthrough goal.”

So every single day, except your holy day if you have one, you are now going to take five specific action steps to achieve that goal. This is your breakthrough goal, this is the goal that is going to take you to the next level.

Grace gives you examples of how successful people have used this formula and achieved great success.  One of them was Jack Canfield, America’s No. 1 Success Coach.


Go The Extra Mile!

The hallmark of high achievers is those who consistently go the extra mile and overdeliver on their promises.  It is rare to see, however, those who do this constantly stand way above the crowd.  Simply by force of habit, these successful people just do more.

Then as a result they will receive not only greater financial rewards but also personal transformations just by putting in that extra effort.  During that process, they become more self-confident, more self-reliant, and more influential with those around them.

There’s a wonderful quote:

“If you are willing to do more than you are paid to do, eventually you will be paid to do more than you do.”

Why go the extra mile?  What’s the payoff for you?

When you do more than what is expected, you are more likely to get promotions, get a raise, get your quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly bonus and other extra benefits.  You may not need to worry anymore about job security because you’ll always be the first hired and the last to be fired. 

Grace guides you in the different ways that you can exceed expectations and provides examples of successful people who have done this very thing and achieved what they wanted.

Declutter Your Life, Declutter Your Mind

declutter your life, declutter your mind

What are you tolerating in your everyday life?

Grace helps you to understand that you may be tolerating certain things in your life that can keep you from achieving your goals and ultimate vision. It is blocking you from doing the things that you really love to do.

She is going to increase your awareness of how tolerating little things can get in the way of accomplishing the bigger things.

This process will help streamline your life, free up time and energy (both mental and physical), to create more time to focus on your ultimate visions.

We tend to tolerate a lot of things that are irritations in our life instead of handling them.  We allow a lot of messes to build up whether it is clutter or relationships that aren’t working or bank statements and tax records are not being kept in order, so what happens is that when tax time comes around, you’re not prepared to deal with it.

In planning anything in life it is nice to start with a clean slate which allows you to focus on what is in front of you.

So, Grace is here to save the day, by providing you the tool you can use to uncover all the things that are stopping you from achieving what you want.

This process will help you, your clients, and anyone else in your life, to streamline their life, free up time and energy (mental and physical), to create more time to focus on the important things in life.

The Health Benefits of Decluttering


Did you know there are health benefits from tidying and decluttering your home?  Brushing up on your decluttering skills can positively impact your sleep.  This benefit is twofold.   A clutter-free space is more relaxing and invites rest.   Additionally, being organised will prevent you from lying awake thinking about all the things to be done tomorrow.   Being organised reduces stress. 

How many times are you in a rush but can’t find something you’re looking for?  This sets a negative tone for the rest of the day.  There’s research that states that people with cluttered homes were more depressed, fatigued, and had higher cortisol levels.  Living in clutter can be stress-inducing. In fact, clutter literally increases your cortisol level!  This is the stress hormone, and too much in the blood for prolonged periods of time can wreak havoc on health.

Whether your desire to declutter is brought on by a trying life event, such as a death or divorce, or you’re simply feeling overwhelmed by your space, decluttering will help you move on from the weight of objects. I delve deeper in this episode explaining the KonMari Method and other tips and tricks to a clutter-free life and home, as well as many ways to save space thus giving you the freedom to spend more time on the things you love to do.

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