Episode 20 – Consistently Review To Improve


Hello and welcome to the show!  Today I am going to talk to you about keeping score for success.  Do you remember when you were young, and your parents marked your height on the door frame every couple of months to keep track of how fast you were growing?  It was a visual to let you know where you stood in relation to the past and to your future goal of being as tall as your parents.  Every time you stood under that ruler you knew you were making progress.  It was encouraging you to eat and drink your milk to keep growing.

The same goes for successful people and successful businesses, they use the same kind of measurements.  They are keeping a score of great progress, a financial increase, and positive behaviours, all the things that they want more of.

So I want you to think about that a little bit.  Your natural impulse is to improve your score.  Now if you were to keep score of just five things that would advance your personal and business objectives the most, just imagine the motivation that will be uncovered once the numbers improve in your favour.

Even when you were little you learned the value of counting what is valuable.  You counted the number of times you skipped with your skipping rope, or how many times you shook your hips inside the hula hoop or even the amount of marbles you collected.  When you watch football they display results and averages on various aspects of the game, like how many times one of the footballers gets a kick.  Now, they’re not focussing on how many they didn’t get, they’re keeping score of what is good because that is what they want more of.

When it comes to your business, you start by counting what you want more of, you start to develop benchmarks that you know will boost revenue and market share.  Every business has a checklist of goals and targets that they want to reach to ensure their continuity.  Once these goals have been achieved and improved upon thy will continually drive revenue and increase profits. 

These are the critical drivers.  For example, if you work in Insurance or Banking your drivers might be the amount of cross-sells per customer or the number of loan originations that are processed.  In your business, it might be the number of op-tins for a free report. 

Whatever your critical drivers might be, the key factor is to inspire, motivate and empower your team to really take ownership and continually track, measure and meet those benchmarks.  So keep that level of keeping score up so that you are able to see a rapid acceleration in all areas of your business. 

consistently renew to improve

If you want more encouragement and information about leadership, John Maxwell has some great books on the subject, one of which is called “Winning with People” it’s a great read if you’re a leader looking to improve your leadership skills and employee results.

Keeping score can also be applied to your home life.  We all love to recharge our batteries, but a lot of people don’t.  We need to make sure that we actually do.  Start keeping score of the times you’re actually home on time to have dinner with your family.  Especially if you have small children. You could then spend time helping them with their homework and play some games with them. 

So, your business measures its priorities but people can place measures around their priorities as well. 

If you work a 50-hour workweek, maybe set time around being home for dinner about 15 nights a month or whatever suits your schedule.  Having a target number is key.  It’s not going to mean that you are any less productive than those people who work and hardly make it home 5 nights a month. You may just need re-arrange your work commitments and schedule to ensure you have more family time because that is what’s so important.

Well, that was short and sweet, a bit like me really!  I hope that has helped you get more ideas about keeping score for success.

So set that intention now, decide now where you need to keep score in order to manifest your vision and achieve those goals you’ve always wanted to achieve.  Then, post those goals where you and any others who are involved in the project can easily view them.

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As always I’m very grateful that you’re listening to the show.  I would love to hear some feedback about your breakthroughs or A-Ha moments, so you can send me a quick not on my contact page.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Political Author, Ken Fite:

“A funny thing happens when we start keeping promises to ourselves – we become unstoppable.”

That’s it from me, now start keeping score and have a wonderful and successful week!

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