Episode 12 – It’s Time To Take Action



Hello and welcome to the show! It’s now time to take action.  So we’ve looked at taking 100 percent responsibility, finding your purpose, creating your vision, you’ve set your goals, you’ve created your affirmations and visualisations for each of your goals, and NOW, it’s time to TAKE ACTION.

One thing I have noticed in this work is I’ve noticed the main thing that separates winners from losers, winners from people who don’t get what they want, is that the winners are actioned oriented.  There have been many entrepreneurial surveys done and the main thing that comes up is that there is this predilection to take action by the successful entrepreneurs. So action is required, it’s so important. 

Remember when I spoke about the structural tension that happens when you have an image that doesn’t match your current reality, it leads to a perception shift and an increase in creativity, then an expanded increase in motivation, which leads to action, and then, of course, taking action produces the results.  So, I want to show you the importance of taking action, because people that take action, get things done, they get into a momentum and they learn from their mistakes. 

This is really important, you can’t learn from a mistake unless you make one, we learn more from experience than we ever learn from books and from programs. 

You’re going to make mistakes, we all do that, but we can’t make the mistake and learn from the mistake if we’re so frozen about making a mistake that we don’t take the action. That’s why a lot of us don’t want to take that first step because we think we might fail or make a mistake.  So just do it, and learn from it and keep moving forward, coz that’s how we learn.  You will begin to get feedback about how to do it better, more efficiently, and more quickly.

The universe supports people who take action.  So whether the action is asking for something that you need, calling a stranger for a favour, firing someone, hiring a new staff member, asking to borrow money for a new business venture or simply going after what it is that you want, whatever it might be, whatever action is required, that’s what’s going to be necessary to get you into where you want to be as far as your goal is concerned. 

Things that once seemed confusing begin to become clearer.  Things that once seemed difficult begin to be easier.  All good things will begin to flow in your direction once you begin to take action.

Now one of the big things that I reinforce in the work I do is to let people know that most people are afraid to ask, we always say that success is a team sport, nothing great can be done alone, even if you’re a poet and you’re writing alone eventually someone has to publish it or edit it for you, then someone has to distribute it.  All these things are things that require more people.  An interviewer once spoke to the CEO of Coca Cola Company, he asked him what the main secret to success was.

He replied, the biggest secret to success that I know, is that you must be willing to ask other people for information and support because you can’t get things done alone. 

Unfortunately, a lot of us have this lone ranger mentality which keeps us stuck and we can do so much more if we would just ask for help.  So basically we need to ask people for assistance and to support us, if we want to get ahead. Asking is critical.

So many famous people literally asked and asked until they got what they wanted.

In my workshops, there are several exercises we do to demonstrate the activity of asking.

I go through a process with you about what are the things you need to ask for.

You make a list of things you really want and need to ask for.  Then I get the participants to partner up and ask that person these questions:

  1. What do you want to ask for?
  2. Who do you want to ask?
  3. What does not asking cost you?
  4. How do you stop yourself from asking?
  5. What is the possible benefit of asking?
  6. When will you ask them?

And then I get them to switch roles. Partner B would then ask partner A, the same questions.

And then after that, I get them to write down their commitments and just share their commitments out loud so there is that sense of declaration and being held responsible for what they had committed to.  This is what is going to help ensure that they go out in the world and do it. 


take action now


An even deeper concept is having an accountability partner,  so they will say “I will call you by Friday at 5 pm to let you know whether I have done it or not.” So it’s harder to squeeze out of it, I have actually committed to another person so I want to follow through on what I have committed to doing. So it’s a way of adding a little more accountability to the exercise.

This exercise also uncovers different reasons why people don’t speak up in the training room or ask in the training room, they come up with different reasons why all these kinds of thoughts are the exact same thoughts that they think outside in the world and outside the training room, to stop themselves from doing the things they need to do to be successful.  I say in the training, “how you do anything is how you do everything”.

People say to me “oh, I only do it in here” which isn’t really true, what we do is a pattern. So I want to look at, if you are you cautious in here, you’re probably cautious out in the world, do you hold back here from looking foolish? You probably hold back out in the world for looking foolish.  If you’re afraid to raise your hand here and ask a question, you’re probably afraid to raise your hand and ask a question at work, or in any kind of meeting. 

So I want you to look for those patterns, and this isn’t an exercise it just confronts people and encourages them to practice new patterns.  And some of the exercises do that.

A quote from Gandhi if you want to G-E-T you gotta A-S-K.  What did Gandhi do? He asked the British to leave India, he said “we’d like you to go now”  He lead a symbolic non-violent march to the sea for 24 days for a distance of 386 kilometres with thousands of people following him.  It was one of the events that spurred India’s independence movement toward victory many years later.

Martin Luther King also lead a peaceful march in Washington to ask people to join him in his cause and to create awareness.

These are great examples of people asking for what they wanted.

Once you start taking action, you trigger all kinds of things that will inevitably carry you to success.

Most of us fail to take action because of fear of failure.  Successful people, on the other hand, realise that it is all part of the process, it’s a way to learn by trial and error.  Not only do we need to stop being afraid to fail, but we also need to be willing to fail – even eager to fail.

Just get started, make mistakes, listen to feedback from it, learn from it, change direction, and correct it.  Just learn to embrace it and keep moving forward towards your goal.  With every experience, you will gain more knowledge and information that you can apply next time.

I hope this helped you get some awareness around taking action and steps you can take towards confidently asking for what you want.

As always I appreciate you listening to this podcast on a weekly basis, I hope you’ve subscribed and you are enjoying it.

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I’ll leave you with a quote from Jonathan Winters, Grammy Award -Winning comedian, actor, writer and artist ;

Who said:

If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!

That’s it from me, remember, the universe rewards action so get out there and start taking some action, and have a wonderful and successful week!

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