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Ground-breaking Educational Workshops


Success Principles Workshop



Do you want higher Employee Engagement? Are you after an increase in productivity for your business?  We will organize a one or two day workshop specific to your business needs.

Groups & Clubs

We cater for Women’s Groups, Clubs and any other Group you are associated with.  Hold a small workshop to inspire the team to come up with some great ideas for growth!

Non-Profit Organisations

We offer workshops for all non-profits, to assist in all facets of the organization’s goals and objectives.  Become creative, action-oriented and increase networking in supporting fund-raising activities.

Sales & Leadership

An action-packed and inspiring one or two days of motivation for your team.  For setting goals and achieving them.  See the difference in sales, productivity, and revenue after attending this workshop!

Let Grace Chivell make your results rock!

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Increase your confidence

Grace will provide you with the tools and knowledge to increase your awareness that anything is possible and that everything you need is within you!

Deal with daily challenges with ease

Grace has adapted the formula E+R=O.  About how changing our responses to some events will provide for a much better outcome. You can signup to her 14 Day Challenge to find out more about it.

Live your passion and purpose

Grace will help you uncover your life purpose.  Why are you here? What do you love doing?  Live the rest of your life with passion doing what you love.

Realise your ambitions

Science experts know that the brain is a goal-seeking organism. Whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve. Grace will teach you how to set clear goals with clear deadlines to ensure achievement.

Only a portion of what you can achieve…

What do you REALLY want?


To be the best salesperson?

Score the top grades in school?

Lose weight?

Buy that dream home?

Make millions?

Find your dream partner?

Get back into the job market?

Get clarity on your life’s purpose?

Increase your confidence?

Improve your relationships?

Boost your income?

Transform your business and career?

Reduce your hours and increase your time off?

Become a Best-Selling Author?

Start a new charity?

Travel the world?

Become the leading professional in your field?

Here are some words from my awesome Clients!

education workshops

Andrea Preece

Founder and Entrepreneur of Traffic rush SEO Digital Media

Grace is passionate about personal development and coaching.  If you need help to create a plan for a better life, whether, on a personal or professional level, Grace can help. She will ask you the right questions to open your mind to new possibilities and support you as you make the changes you want.

Increase Business Success

Attila Leder

Founder of Digital Frontline

Grace is an extremely positive person.  If you are looking to increase your chances of success in your career or personal life, look no further.  Grace is the coach who can help you achieve that!

Motivational Speaker

Gerry Pennell

Lending Manager at First Financial Pty Ltd

I highly recommend Grace for any personal development plan you have in mind, whether it is for your employees or on an individual basis.  She will open your mind to abilities you never knew you had!  I would not hesitate in hiring Grace for your next event!

Keynote Speaker

Tania Paola

Owner of Gourmet Communications Pty Ltd

I recommend Grace for all your Corporate Training needs.  She has a high level of professionalism and the ability to inspire and motivate and is always available for any questions you may have.  She has a vast knowledge of human behaviour and our ability to succeed.  I would recommend you hire Grace for your next event!


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