Episode 24 – Declutter Your Life, Declutter Your Mind


Hello and welcome to the show!

Today’s episode was going to take a while, I was going to suggest you go and get a nice hot cup of tea and a scone before you listen any further because it was going to be pretty jam-packed full of information.

So, I decided to split this episode into two parts, because the focus of THIS episode is to help you understand that you may be tolerating certain things in your life that can keep you from achieving your goals and ultimate vision.  Then in part two, I will be giving you tips on the art of tidying up.

So today I want to increase your awareness of how tolerating little things can get in the way of accomplishing bigger things.

This process will help streamline your life, free up time and energy (both mental and physical), to create more time to focus on your goals and your ultimate vision. Let’s declutter your life and your mind!


In your life, you have incompletes, tolerations, and messes

I’ll be talking about in-completes, tolerations, and messes. We tend to tolerate a lot of things that are irritations in our life instead of handling them.  We allow a lot of messes to build up whether it is clutter or relationships that aren’t working or bank statements and tax records are not being kept in order so that when tax time comes around, you’re not prepared to deal with it.

In planning anything in life it is nice to start with a clean slate which allows you to focus on what is in front of you. So, before we go into it, we need to look at where we have messes and in-completes.


There are two things that can get in the way of achieving our goals:

One.  When we don’t handle our irritations, tolerances, messes, and in-completes, we are constantly paying attention to them, which distracts us from what we want to create. Things like a messy garage, an incomplete relationship, something that needs painting, organising or repair.  All of these things take our attention away from what we want to focus on, like our goals.   

Two.  We may go into resignation. When we can’t find something we need or we have to tolerate something that is not working, we may feel that if we can’t handle this little thing, how are we going to accomplish our bigger goals? When we don’t complete the past, we can’t be free to fully embrace the present, let alone the future.  So it’s important that we clean up our messes, in-completes, tolerations, and irritations. We tend to go into the “I can’t have what I want” phase at a very deep and subconscious level.

So it’s really important to clean up our incompletes, messes, and tolerations.

What I would like you to do in a quiet moment, is close your eyes and bring to your awareness some of the Irritations and Tolerations as well as in-completes and messes in your own life.

For more clarity, I have a worksheet available for you to download, under the resources section of my website for you to take notes on. So if you want you can pause this and go and print it if you like, and we’ll go from there.

Once you create a list of these things you will go through a series of questions designed to get into action to begin to resolve them.”


Key Irritation and Toleration Questions

  • What irritates you?
  • What do you need to do to fix it?
  • Who could you ask for help to get it handled?
  • How do you stop yourself from asking?
  • What is the possible benefit of asking?
  • When will you ask – Due Date?

So you can see the tremendous amount of value that comes with acknowledging and handling these incompletes, tolerations, and messes by asking these specific questions.

There are different ways you can tolerate things, like in your physical space, like the chair you are sitting in is uncomfortable and not ergonomic, you are tolerating that. Or you have a phone upstairs and you don’t have one downstairs and you have to run to answer the phone. We will tolerate relationships, we will tolerate physical conditions.

So we have a physical environment, a mental environment, and we have our financial environment. Each of these environments needs to be looked at to ensure that they are working efficiently.


Are You Preventing Abundance by Holding on to These Incompletions?

Let’s go through a few examples and see if we can uncover a few:

  1. Make a plan to complete anything outstanding.
  2. Do you have former business activity left unresolved?
  3. Are there promises not kept, not acknowledged, or not re-negotiated that you need to take care of?
  4. Do you have unpaid debts or financial commitments?
  5. Are your cupboards overflowing with clothing never worn?
  6. Do you have a disorganised garage crowded with old discards?
  7. Do you have haphazard or disorganised tax records?
  8. Is your cheque book not balanced or do you have accounts that should be closed?
  9. Do you have “junk” drawers full of unusable items?
  10. Do you have missing or broken tools?
  11. Is your attic filled with unused items?
  12. Is your car boot or back seat full of “rubbish?”
  13. Do you have incomplete car maintenance?
  14. Is your garage or carport disorganised or filled with discards?
  15. Do you have a credenza packed with completed or unrealised projects?
  16. Do you have filing left undone?
  17. Is your computer not backed up?
  18. Is your desk surface cluttered or disorganised?
  19. Do you have family pictures never put into an album?
  20. Do you have mending, ironing, or other piles of items to repair or discard?
  21. Have you deferred household maintenance?
  22. Do you have personal relationships with unstated resentments or appreciations?
  23. Do you have forgiveness that needs to occur?
  24. Have you not spent time with people you’ve been meaning to spend time with?
  25. Do you have incomplete projects or projects delivered without reporting or asking for feedback?
  26. Is there acknowledgement that needs to be asked for?


declutter your life, declutter your mind

Declutter in your physical as well as your relationship environments

It’s time to evaluate

So I want you to now think about a relationship or something physical, what are you tolerating?  What is an irritation that you just haven’t handled?

And go ahead and write on the form.  You can download your copy here.

Think about some of the things that are incomplete, it might be a crack in the wall that needs repair, or there is a door that needs repainting or the lock hasn’t worked for a while.

  1. You’ve got too many shoes that you don’t wear anymore, books that you don’t read are just sitting in piles on the floor.
  2. How about those emails that have been accumulating into the thousands!
  3. That junk drawer you have in your kitchen or bedroom that needs to be cleared out.
  4. Clothes that you don’t wear anymore.
  5. Lots of paperwork in your study that has not been filed.
  6. That item on the dashboard in your car that keeps moving about.
  7. You may be overweight and you are tolerating that.
  8. Tupperware lids that don’t match.
  9. You keep walking past the spots on the carpet.
  10. The garage needs a big cleanup and you need to get a skip bin.
  11. How many of you have a guest room where there’s no room for a guest in it?
  12. How about the boxes of photos that you swear you are going to put in an album? Yes, I’m guilty of that too.

So all these things that we are tolerating that are irritants are bothering us, that every time we notice it, we have to go numb, to not notice, which is not a good place to be, or we have to feel bad about it because it’s irritating us.

So these exercises which are about incomplete and messes and tolerances, have a lot of value and a lot of power and can be used in many different ways. I use it to set up goals, you can use it to focus on what you do want as opposed to what you don’t want.  The other thing is that it actually robs energy from you when you have all these messes and incomplete surrounding you in your current environment.  It’s like the deck is not clear, I often say you need to clear the decks so you can focus on one or two different things in your life.

So go out there and walk through your house and your garage and walk around your property with a pad and pen and write down the things that need to be done.  All the things in your life that you have dominion over and really think about what’s not clean, what’s not organised, what’s not cleared up, what’s not finished.

So what will happen is, you will have this weight that will be lifted off your shoulders, there will be all this energy that will come into your presence and you will use this energy to focus on these few things that are really important. To get your breakthrough goals, your vision, and to accomplish the things that you really want to accomplish in life.

It’s like your walking through a thick jungle finding it hard to walk ahead, so what this does is strip all that away, so that you have a clear view of what needs to be done as well as have a view of the finished product.

I hope this has helped motivate you to declutter, clean up those messes, tolerations, and incompletes. To help you eliminate those irritations as I said before, you can download the “My Irritations List” at https://yourroadtosuccesspodcast.com.au as well as other free downloads such as a chapter from my book “The Road To Success”.

That’s it from me, as always thanks for listening, I hope you’ve downloaded your irritations list and are on your way to a mind cleansing life. I’ll talk to you next week, in part two, when I talk about the art of tidying up-how being organised has it’s health benefits.

I’ll leave you with a quote “Don’t tolerate irritations, they are a massive dam to your bliss.”

So good luck with the cleansing of your mind, your life, and your home, and have a wonderful and successful week!

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