Episode 23 – Go The Extra Mile!


Hello and welcome to the show! The hallmark of high achievers is those who consistently go the extra mile and overdeliver on their promises.  It is rare to see, however, those who do this constantly stand way above the crowd.  Simply by force of habit, these successful people just do more.

Then, as a result, they will receive not only greater financial rewards but also personal transformations just by putting in that extra effort.  During that process, they become more self-confident, more self-reliant, and more influential with those around them.

There’s a wonderful quote:

“If you are willing to do more than you are paid to do, eventually you will be paid to do more than you do.”

Why go the extra mile?

What’s the payoff for you?

When you do more than what is expected, you are more likely to get promotions, get a raise, get your quarterly, half-yearly or yearly bonus and other extra benefits.  You may not need to worry anymore about job security because you’ll always be the first hired and the last to be fired. 

The business will create lifelong loyal customers while at the same time increasing its revenue.  You have a daily intention, you’re committed and at the end of the day, you will have this feeling of satisfaction because you have gone that extra mile.  So start now, for those rewards to start appearing for you.

The secret is doing more than is required.  You could be a howling success in business, in life or at school.  Always give something extra, something that people aren’t expecting.  Going the extra mile in business earns you so much trust, respect, loyalty and referrals from your clients or customers. Don’t come from the position of doing what’s best for you, or giving more than is expected is unfair.  Why should you give extra effort with compensation or recognition? 

What you need to know is that eventually people, customers, companies will become aware of your focus of going above and beyond and you WILL get recognition and compensation for your efforts, something that is truly deserved. 

When businesses come from the position of service, they grow.

Remember that old saying, “the cream always rises to the top”

So will you, so will your company and so will you if you’re a student.  And that reputation will be one of the most valuable assets that you could ever acquire.


Go The Extra Mile!


Exceeding Expectations

I’ll give you some examples of doing and giving more than what is expected of you;

You sell your car to someone, and before they pick it up, you detail it and fill it up with petrol.

You sell your house and when the couple move in, they find a bottle of champagne on the kitchen table.

You sell a print or an oil painting to someone, but have it framed them at no extra charge.

As an employee, you come into work on your day off because one of your colleagues is unwell.  You take on more responsibilities without demanding more pay.  You offer to train a new employee.  You see something that needs to be done but take action and do something about it, without waiting to be asked.

So what I am trying to say is, you are focussing on how you can give more, not on how you can get more.

How do you go the extra mile and give more value?  By surprising people with more than they expected.


The Hotel Experience

I’ll also give you an example from Jack Canfield.  He tells the story of a hotel chain who always goes the extra mile for its customers. He arrived in Chicago at the Ritz Carlton, got to his room and there was a thermos sitting on the desk filled with hot chicken noodle soup. 

It had a little sign on it that read;

“Chicken Soup for Jack Canfield’s Body.”  It was accompanied by a wonderful card from the manager saying how much he and his staff enjoyed the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Books!

That’s just another example of great service, going about and beyond and wowing your customers.

If I’m ever in a hotel and it happens to be my birthday, there’s always a little gift of a little piece of cake and a card saying; “Happy Birthday Grace” on it.

A great way to get repeat business and many quality referrals.


That’s it, short and sweet!  Thanks for listening, I love being able to pay it forward spreading my knowledge to as many ears as possible.

I hope you’re enjoying the show and getting a lot out of it.

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